A First Course in Quantum Mechanics - Pieter Kok

A First Course in Quantum Mechanics

By Pieter Kok

  • Release Date: 2014-08-31
  • Genre: Manuels scolaires


This introduction to quantum mechanics is especially made for the iPad, with nearly 50 interactive widgets to help you get to grasp with this fundamental theory of nature. This book is intended for beginning physics students, and people who want to know more about quantum mechanics than is typically offered in popular science books. In the first four chapters the basic theory is explained using simple physical systems, such as a photon, an electron, and a simple atom. After an overview chapter of the complete theory, we delve into more advanced topics, such as entanglement, decoherence, a particle moving in space, and the Heisenberg uncertainty relations. Finally, we discuss the various ways in which quantum mechanics is different from our everyday experience. 

Throughout the book, we apply the quantum mechanical principles to real world applications, such as gravitational wave detection, MRI scanning, atomic clocks, scanning tunnelling microscopes, quantum teleportation, and the quantum pendulum. We also apply the theory to some more fundamental problems, such as chemistry, information and entropy, Schrödinger’s cat, Einstein’s spooky action at a distance, and the very nature of reality.